About Agriculture

The tobacco buyout program, initiated in 1999, resulted in many farmers shifting from tobacco production to other agriculture ventures. Today many farmers grow various grains, hay or produce.Others have entered into agri-tourism. Throughout the county, there is a thriving equine industry including a therapeutic riding program, a state-of-the-art veterinary facility, boarding and recreational riding facilities and an equine rescue organization.

Calvert County, Maryland's smallest, offers agricultural products and services to a growing and diverse population. Direct marketing opportunities abound for produce at many roadside stands and farmers markets. Horticultural businesses thrive and include nurseries and landscape services.

Working in partnership with the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission, the Calvert Soil Conservation District and other regional entities, the Calvert County Agriculture Commission and the Calvert County Department of Economic Development provides assistance in promoting products and expanding agricultural opportunities throughout the county. Seminars in agriculture-related topics are routinely scheduled to assist farmers in growing their businesses.

Contact Jennifer Pettko, Calvert County Department of Economic Development, for more information at 410-535-4583 or via e-mail.