Armiger Show Team

Roger L. Armiger III
2208 Garrity Road
St. Leonard, MD 20685
(410) 474-3645

Open by appointment only. Beef (Polled Hereford), lamb (Dorset/Suffolk/Hampshire-crossbred), chickens and eggs. Grain-fed, grain/corn-fed, naturally raised, pasture raised, humane treatment, no growth implants, never fed animal byproducts, antibiotics used only when medically necessary. USDA slaughtered and processed meat, vacuum packed and wrapped frozen cuts. Custom meat cuts available to order (whole, half, quarter side). We will arrange transportation of animal to slaughter/process and delivery of cuts to customer. Meat is "dry aged" at least 14 days. Orders accepted by e-mail or phone. Also available at Chesapeake's Bounty Farm Store and the Calvert County Farmers' Market.