Johnny Oyster Seed

Jon Farrington
5223 Williams Wharf Road
St. Leonard, MD 20685
(410) 610-1508

Johnny Oyster Seed was founded in 2006 to assist people and organizations in gardening oysters for personal use and/or restoration purposes. We have worked diligently to create a line of products that make it easier for people to return oysters to the Chesapeake Bay. Our line of products supports the backyard gardener, non-profit groups, as well as the growing shellfish aquaculture industry. Our Revolution Floating Oyster Garden eliminates all of the maintenance required by conventional cages and can grow up to four bushels of oysters to replanting-size in one year. In addition we are the only commercial source of spat-on shell oyster seed in the State of Maryland, which is necessary for both small and large-scale restoration projects. We manufacture the "Revolution", a self-maintaining Buoyant Oyster Cultivation System (BOCS) and the Simple Cylinder hanging garden, a low-cost, low maintenance approach to gardening. We grow spat-on-shell for restoration and individual seed oysters for personal use. We also offer delivery and installation service for large scale projects and reef plantings. Our custom-built barge can transport 10 tons of shell (more than one million spat) and deliver directly to your planting site in one easy operation.