Windy Willow Farm

Debbie and Dale Jones
421 Clyde Jones Road
Sunderland, MD 20689
(301) 928-6781 or (301) 928-0326

Beef (Angus/Limousin-corss) and lamb (Katahin-cross), pork and goat. We offer USDA slaughtered, processed, vacuum packed frozen cuts. Our animals are naturally raised in a sustainable manner without growth implants or hormones. Our beef is pasture raised and finished. The lambs and goats have access to pasture year round and are fed a balanced feed as well as hay and pasture. We take the animals directly from the pasture to the butcher; no putting them up for additional fattening. Our pastures and hay fields are not sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. Antibiotics are only used when medically necessary and only on the sick animal. Give us a call and come try our pure, wholesome meat with no artificial ingredients or hormones. Produced the way nature intended!