Baked and Canned Goods

  1. Olga's CakesOlga's Cakes
    Olga Kotlinska
    2740 Solomons Island Rd, Huntingtown, MD 20639
    Phone: 301-247-4852    Email Olga's Cakes

    Olga's Cakes offers custom cakes services as well as variety of baked goods (cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, sweet breads, pies, muffins etc.).

    Olga's Cakes Website

  2. Windy Willow FarmWindy Willow Farm
    Debbie and Dale Jones
    421 Clyde Jones Road, Sunderland, MD 20689
    Phone: 301-928-6781     Email Windy Willow Farm

    Windy Willow Farm offers beef (Angus/Limousin-cross) and lamb (Katahin-cross), USDA slaughtered and processed, vacuum packed and wrapped frozen cuts. Delivery available. Naturally raised, sustainable. Our animals are pasture raised and finished; our animals only receive a very limited amount of feed. We take the animals directly from the pasture to the butcher with no additional fattening. Grass-fed, grass finished (beef), grain/corn-fed (lamb), antibiotics only used when medically necessary, pasture raised, no growth implants or hormones. We also sell firewood.
    Windy Willow Farm Website