Meeting Information and Correspondence

The Departments of Public Works met with community members of Marley Run to discuss potential rate changes, the rate model, rate design considerations and answer questions from the public. View our full list of FAQs.


March 28, 2023, BOCC Meeting

The Department of Public Works discussed a rate study that began February 2023 and will provide information on the rate structure and rates based on water usage. The rate study is a 10-week process. County staff are also working on educational videos and an enhanced billing software. Watch the latest update

Memos and Presentations

Feb. 28, 2023, BOCC Meeting

The Department of Public Works gave a presentation to the BOCC regarding repealing and replacing Resolution 32-16. The new Resolution will eliminate the requirement for greater than one water and one sewer Equivalent Dwelling Unit for residential customers and may consider a tiered billing structure. Watch the latest update.  

Memos and Presentations

Feb. 3, 2023, W&S Customer Letter

On Feb. 3, 2023 the following letter was sent to Water & Sewer customers regarding their service:

Dear Customer,

Our meter technicians will be conducting courtesy meter checks at your property over the next several weeks. This will consist of a preventative inspection of your water meter for a leak check and confirm accuracy of your water meter readings. If there are any specific dates you would like data logs retrieved to review consumption, please contact our billing office at (410) 535-1600, ext. 2211.

Should you have any questions, please contact our billing office.

Jan. 24, 2023, BOCC Meeting 

On Jan. 24, 2023, the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) received a staff presentation to discuss options to improve the water and sewerage customer relationship with Calvert County Government. The Jan. 24, 2023 discussion only affects water and sewer customers; there is no change for residents or businesses on well or septic.  

During the Jan. 24, 2023 discussion, the BOCC was asked to: 

  1. Direct the repeal and replacement of Resolution 32-16, eliminating additional EDUs for residential customers for both water and sewerage. (Staff will return to the BOCC prior to action)
  2. Direct transition to a tiered billing guide supported with best available technology. (Staff will return to the BOCC prior to action)
  3. Request the reallocation of unexecuted American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to support software acceleration. (Staff will return to the BOCC for public hearing to fund technology improvements)
  4. Create and implement educational resources for residential and commercial customers to increase awareness and transparency. (Staff will begin educational outreach within 30 days)

Memos and Presentations

Jan. 11, 2023, BOCC Meeting

On Jan. 10, 2023, the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners acted to immediately pause billing of capital connection fees as a result of the recent Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) audit. While customers are not responsible for paying the additional capital connection fees, the regular quarterly bill must be paid in full.  View the letter sent to Water & Sewer customers.

Memos and Presentations

Sept. 27, 2016, BOCC Meeting

The Department of Public Works, Water & Sewerage Division (WSD), under the authority of Resolution 32-16 approved Sept. 27, 2016, authorized an Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) audit of commercial and residential properties connected to the county’s water and sewer infrastructure.

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