Home Detention Program

The Home Detention Program gives offenders who present a minimal danger to the community and who have been sentenced by the Courts, the opportunity to serve their sentence at home with electronic monitoring under strict supervision. The program expands the number of release options available to the Courts. The program also allows individuals with special needs and medical conditions to serve their time at home while being closely monitored and continuing care through their provider.

An offender may enter the program only upon the authorization of the Courts or as a result of an order from a judge. The program may be authorized during the initial sentencing with conditions outlining when the program is to begin. Offenders may spend a period of confinement within the detention center prior to entering the program, either as a condition of the sentence or for a period of time allowing the Community Supervision Unit staff to process the individual.

If authorized by the Courts, work release is an option for offenders serving their sentence on home detention. The offender will be responsible for adhering to all rules and regulations provided under the Work Release Program and any additional rules and regulations set by the Home Detention Program staff.