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We value the work travel writers do to promote destinations to their readers. We hope these resources will spur ideas and help you create content on Calvert County, Maryland. Please reach out and let us know how we can assist you with your next story by emailing or filling out our "Contact Us" form.

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Guidelines for Travel Writers

The mission of the Tourism unit of the Calvert County Economic Development office is to assist qualified journalists in developing stories about Calvert County attractions, accommodations, restaurants and travel-related businesses. 

To serve you better, we have developed the following set of guidelines as a way of ensuring that all journalists receive equal consideration. We appreciate your willingness to abide by these guidelines.

  1. All journalists will be asked to fill out an application. The application includes a request for copies and links of recently published travel stories and/or an assignment letter.
  2. Arrangements for independent writers will be handled on a case-by-case basis and will often depend on seasonal availability and budget.
  3. Complimentary accommodations, if offered, will NOT include any incidentals (ex. phone charges, non-complimentary Wi-Fi, room service, parking, valet, tips, etc.). Calvert County Economic Development cannot guarantee a complimentary stay as it is often at the discretion of our partner sites.
  4. Complimentary meal(s) will NOT include alcohol. Calvert County Economic Development cannot guarantee complimentary meal(s) as it is often at the discretion of our partner sites.
  5. Calvert County Economic Development is not able to provide rental cars for visiting journalists.
  6. Journalists traveling independently sometimes wish to bring friends and family members with them. Guest complimentary admission will be left up to the discretion of our attraction, accommodation, restaurant and event contacts. If they are unable to supply gratis services, the journalist agrees to be responsible for any costs incurred by the extra traveler(s).
  7. All articles and stories should reference and contact information as appropriate (hotels, museums, attractions, etc.)
  8. As a matter of courtesy, we request that all journalists hosted by Calvert County Economic Development please send at least one copy of any article, story or blog generated as a result of the visit. Details about circulation, reach and audience are appreciated.

Please note that any offer of assistance is extended to working media only; we will not provide assistance if the primary purpose of your trip is for leisure or holiday travel with your friends or family.