Sign Plan Requirements

Signs require two submittals: a Site Plan, and a Sign Elevation / Construction Drawing packet. Submissions that do not include the following information will be returned to the applicant by the review agencies.

Grading Permit Application Policy

Site Plan requirements:

If applying for multiple signs, each sign must be clearly delineated.

Item Information Required Notes/Links
1 Property Lines  
2 Building Restriction Lines  
3 Any existing structures on the property  
4 Distances to two closest adjacent property lines from proposed sign  
5 Specific anticipated cut and fill volume (on the application) Required if disturbance is proposed.
6 Erosion & Sediment control Required if disturbance > 5,000 sq. ft. or if located in the Critical Area.
6.1 E&S control notes (if SFD, on plan. If not, supply as separate document)  
6.2 Site access  
6.3 Limits of disturbance   
6.4 Stockpile area  
6.5 Disposition of soils  
6.6 Provide a note if the disposition of soils are to be removed from the site or spread on the site  
7 Existing topography (contours) 
8 Location of well and septic, and distance from proposed structures (if applicable) Calvert County Interactive Maps
9 Property Address  
10 Property Owner Name  
11 North Arrow  
12 Scale  
13 Subdivision Name  
14 Map, Parcel, Lot, Block, Section Number MD Property Search

Sign Elevation / Construction Drawing requirements:

Drawings must be in color.

Item Information Required Notes/Links
1 Dimensioned and scaled drawings of the proposed sign(s) and any existing sign(s) to remain. 
Plans must provide building elevation, sign location, materials, and attachment details.
2 Architectural and structural details including measurements, materials, elevations, and foundations.  
3 Lighting and electrical detail
* required if applicable


- Freestanding Sign (pdf)

- Freestanding Sign (pdf)

- Building/Wall Sign (pdf)

Note: Further information may be required by the reviewer after submittal