Risk Management

  • Responsibilities and Services

    Risk Management is responsible for protecting the County's assets from the risk of accidental losses and injuries. The primary functions are to develop, promote, and track safety programs that meet or exceed OSHA regulations, evaluate risk, procure insurance policies and administer workers' compensation, property, general liability and automobile claims.

    In addition, Risk Management fosters a culture of safety through employee training, monthly safety review and quarterly safety committee meetings that involve all departments in the commitment to ensure a safe environment for all employees, as well as the citizens who visit the County's facilities daily.

Winter Safety Tips

Winter has arrived, bringing with it cold air, and the promise of snow and ice. Keep your family safe this winter by remembering a few important safety tips.

 Winter Driving

  • Ensure your tires are properly inflated.
  • Remove ALL snow and ice from your vehicle.
  • Drive slower than normal and increase your following distance.
  • Keep your gas tank at least half-full to avoid gas line freeze-up.

 Outdoor Winter Activities

  • Wear loose fitting clothes, gloves, and hats to protect you.
  • Walking “like a penguin” on ice will reduce the chances of falling.
  • Avoid overexertion when shoveling snow, stretch before going outside, and take breaks.
  • Watch for signs of hypothermia: uncontrolled shivering, memory loss, or disorientation.

 Home Safety

  • Schedule maintenance of furnaces and fireplaces to ensure they are safe to use.
  • Never leave portable heaters unattended.
  • If heating with gas, ensure carbon monoxide detectors are working properly.
  • Clear ice and snow from walkways and apply salt or sand as needed.